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Thank You.

Updated: May 25, 2020

The idea of me launching a website, blog, and business is unreal to me. A while ago, this was nothing more than a candid conversation between myself and a coworker. We were both eager to extend our impact beyond the classroom. Now a few years later, I am writing my first blog post! I mention that to say THANK YOU. Whether you are coming across my brand for the first time, have been following my journey, stumbled across my site randomly in a google search, or you are one of my dear friends or family members who have been cheering me on this whole time, I thank you deeply for your support! Please continue to follow my journey as I continue to document and share it with you all.

Whew, so I'm done being emotional, which means I can finally tell you all WHY I'm here. My name is Anna, and this is my brand: Thriving Minds Enrichment and Extra Practice. So what is that exactly? Well, its multi-faceted. Thriving Minds Enrichment started out as a company offering tutoring services, but soon began to provide so much more than that: resources for parents, students, and fellow teachers. While I can acknowledge that I am no expert in this field (Is anyone, tbh?), what I will say is that my content knowledge and eye for research and data are some of my greatest strengths as an educator. Such is what I am so excited to share with you all. Thank you so much for reading, please stay tuned for more content!

Your Partner in Education,

Anna Massey-Jackson, M.S.Ed

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