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Teaching Students About 'Rona

Hey teacher friends! I truly hope you all are having a summer filled with joy and peace. I am hearing about many plans that are set to come to fruition this fall in regards to schools. Some are following a partial in-school and virtual model, others have opted to go completely virtual for the upcoming school year, and some are still working through what a safe learning space will look like this fall.

My school has been very solutions-oriented following the curve ball that 2020 has beamed our way. This fall we will be implementing a partial in-school and virtual model. Regardless of what physical spaces we will be in, it is our job as educators to build on the prior knowledge students already possess as we teach them how to be safe and stop the spread of this troublesome virus.

I've been brainstorming about engaging ways to teach my students about COVID-19, and while doing so I've come across two FREE books that are available for download below. Check them out and let me know your thoughts!

COVID-19 Helpers takes place in the beginning of the pandemic and explores how different characters in the story worked together to stop the spread. This text is suitable for elementary school students and supports them in understanding the following skills:

  • Problem and solution

  • Central message

  • Retelling

  • Answering text-dependent questions

  • And many more! Click the link below to see the specific standards!

COVID-19 Helpers
Download PDF • 4.10MB

This text is great for students in middle school and beyond (or advanced elementary schoolers) due to word count, the amount of high frequency words, and the different types of text. Coronavirus: A Book for Children covers every topic from what is COVID-19 to what people can do to help. In addition to using this text to help students understand more about the virus, consider using it to explore the following skills:

  • Describing connections between characters or ideas.

  • Identifying the main topic, purpose, or central idea.

  • Explaining how images clarify what's happening in the text.

  • Citing text evidence.

  • Analyzing the interactions between individuals in a text.

Coronavirus-A Book For Children
Download PDF • 17.19MB

Thanks for reading!

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