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Thanks for visiting! On this page you will find resources that are available for teachers, parents, and students  to purchase. Once you spot a product you like, click the photo and you will be redirected to Amazon, where you will see the product description, reviews, and make your purchase!

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Teach Like a Champion

By Doug Lemov

Take out your highlighter and get ready to mark up this book! Teach Like a Champion outlines what effective teaching looks like and provides educators with many strategies to put into their teaching tool kit. This is a great resource to use as you perfect your current classroom practices! Price: $17.69

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The New Jim Crow

By Michelle Alexander

This is a great resource if you are an educator of black students! The New Jim Crow explores the mass incarceration of African-American males in the United States. This text has implications for the field of education as educators can work to block the school to prison pipeline through practices that keep students in the classroom instead of exclusionary discipline which increases the likelihood that African-American males will come into contact with law enforcement. Price: $14.12

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White Fragility

By Robin Diangelo

This text is so important for all to read, whether you are an educator, student, or parent. White Fragility tackles the issue of white supremacy by asking white people to examine their culture in order to help dismantle systemic racism. Price: $10.23

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