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About Thriving Minds

The Face Behind the Brand

Hello and welcome to my blog! Thriving Minds Enrichment and Extra Practice is a multi-faceted brand and company that I founded in 2016. My company has two specific goals: to provide affordable tutoring sessions for all students in grades PreK-8, and to plug parents and fellow educators into quality resources and content that supports culturally relevant, rigorous, and enjoyable learning experiences. 

I am the face behind this brand. My name is Anna Massey-Jackson and I am a 5th year educator. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Childhood and Special Education from St. John's University in New York. Followed up by my Master's Degree in Urban Education from the University of Pennsylvania. I truly hope that you not only enjoy this site, but also that it becomes your go to resource for academic content. Have a question, or you simply want to touch base to say hello? Click the button below to shoot me an e-mail!

Your Partner in Education, 

Anna Massey-Jackson, M.S.Ed